WP-Subscribe Pro Increased My Subscribers by over 40 percent in 5 days


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WP-Subscribe Pro Increased My Subscribers by over 40 percent in 5 days

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This post is a bit different than what you are used to reading here, but it still teaches something anyway you look at it so let’s get into it!

Few months back, I set out on a journey to build out what I hope will soon become the biggest job listing website in Nigeria and maybe someday – Africa. Progress has been massive and the response from users and job seekers can’t really be explained. But upon all that progress I noticed that subscriptions stagnated at around 700 users over a month ago – Partly due to the fact that I joined forces with a developer named Luke Postulka for a better looking mobile offering (The old offering was honestly quite ugly but it was functional). I needed to find a balance between what worked and what looked palatable and I believe I have – but there was a price. I couldn’t really use my old feedburner registeration form with some CSS anymore – Why? It was simply too ugly for the new mobile site. It’s almost as if there is no amount of CSS knowledge that will help you, anything feedburner would forever look slightly outdated.

How We Met

Couple of weeks while I was trying to figure out how to go back to improving user retention I considered a lot of options – many were subscription based – Like OptinMonster for example or Sumome and so on. But then while I was working on a friends website I noticed he had this “inactive sidebar” item that made subscriptions look so heavenly so I tried out the free version. WP-Subscribe allowed me only one color and that was pink. Pink is the direct opposite of my business offering of blue so you can understand how this might quickly become a problem. Regardless however I needed to test it out for a while, see if it would work for me – even though I could not embed the free version in my mobile site with Shortcodes or simple PHP or anything like that – I still wanted to try… And I believe I noticed an increase in subscriptions. No matter how slight this was a big deal because:

  1. Most of my users are on mobile devices not desktop.
  2. I only got to use this on desktop

Meaning conversion rate on desktop must have gone through the roof! From here it was an easy decision to just go with the flow and purchase the pro version!

I had initially thought the plugin was selling for $39 but it appears there is some kind of price cut currently and you can pick it up for $27. You can go get it here as well – BUY WP SUBSCRIBE PRO.

To the part of the story you have been waiting for – how 700 subscribers climbed to over a thousand in 3-5 days and is still climbing. I had gathered only 700 emails in about 6 months but I managed a whooping 300+ in only a few days… Understand this means I was able to get over 3 Months worth of retention in only a few days and I am going to tell you how I did it!

Pop Ups

I must say that I absolutely hated pop ups – they annoyed me to the core of my bones – until I saw how WP-Subscribe Pro did it differently! I can choose to NOT display pop ups on my homepage, I can choose to only display pop ups to users who are about to leave my website and more importantly there are many in-aggressive options to display the subscription via shortcodes.

Out of the box they have a cookie setting that will not display the pop up to the same user twice in a space of 14 days. This is how “smart” the plugin is. Sitting in at a super lightweight 96KB! Yes 96KB and I get all these extra features that let me make my pop ups less intrusive.

Slight Edits

As you might have already noticed my mobile users are very important to me and I would not want to be seeing pop ups on my mobile phone so I will essentially never subject my own mobile users to that. With a little bit of CSS that I did not even have to write by myself (The Mythemeshop support sent this), I was able to deactivate pop ups for mobile devices. You can get the code in the snippet below:

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
.mfp-bg {
display: none !important;
.mfp-wrap {
display: none !important;

Beyond that, only other thing I did was wrap the shortcode in some PHP so that it executes in my mobile theme single post pages. I used the code below:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[wp-subscribe]"); ?>


In my honest opinion, not a single one of the subscription based plugins that I had initially considered could have done this for me! I would have been paying more and seeing less results!

This plugin is so affordable that you could even buy it and keep for a rainy day even if you don’t need it right now! It’s that much of a great buy!

Setup takes 5 minutes or less if you know what you are doing, it’s not subscription based – one time fee and you can forget about it! – And it beats all the alternatives hands down – Considering you even get support for feedburner! (A lot of solutions don’t even support feedburner anymore!).


Trust that I would be updating my blog post about 5 WordPress Plugins I love in a moment to reflect this awesome plugin! It has easily become my favorite plugin on the internet since WordPress SEO by team Yoast! Yes, I rate it that highly! If you are still yet to buy it, go GET IT HERE!

WP-Subscribe Pro Increased My Subscribers

Forget Subscriptions!

This right here is a one time purchase that trumps them all!


Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri

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