Why your website is not ranking for any keywords – Beginners Guide

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Why your website is not ranking for any keywords – Beginners Guide


As Pete Edochie would say, “It is wise to hunt the black goat before sun down” – What does that quote have to do with my blog post? Absolutely nothing, I just thought I should share some Pete Edochie wisdom because he is so cool.

This blog post is for entrepreneurs with little or no understanding of SEO, there will be a more advanced entry soon for people who want to learn how to rank for keywords on their own.

I lied – The quote has everything to do with my blog post… Simply referring to getting things done at the right time and in the right way. Take for example, starting a star wars fan blog 15 years after many have risen and died out and then trying to outrank 15 years of progressive work in 1 month because you are who? – Jean Claude Van Damme or Jet li… SEO is not a Chinese movie please!!! It is too important to do things the right way and at the right time.

So let’s look at a few reasons why your website may not be ranking for any of your desired keywords:

  1. You haven’t actually done any SEO. (Whollop Whollop!!!)
  2. You have done SEO but you did it the wrong way. (Very common)
  3. You have done SEO the right way but you didn’t do it with gumption.
  4. You are still doing SEO but you need time. (Easy tiger!)
  5. You have been doing SEO right but your competition is forever smarter.
Why Your Website is not ranking

This is a map

Your website is not ranking anywhere on it… For good reason!

You Need SEO

I will admit there could be a thousand more reasons, but the baseline here is if ranking for some medium/high competition keywords in search is something you want with your marketing then you need SEO. It is also possible to do SEO and do it aimlessly – It is even more possible that you hire an agency to do your SEO and they are just as clueless as you are about very important metrics – especially if you are a Nigerian business.

Once, I had tried out one of the higher ranked SEO agencies here on a test site to try and gauge the competition and see who I would have to be looking out for in the business (in Nigeria). I was hoping I would be disappointed by their efforts so I could be happy about it – but the abysmal work only just made me mad… I was hoping they would suck, but I really never expected what I got. And this ultimately taught me a lesson I had been refusing to learn, “just because they are ranked well or talk a big game doesn’t mean they know the first thing about helping your business rank”.

case in point below

I had worked for a Digital agency earlier this year and apart from taking ALL the keywords for the companies services I even managed to do the same for a number of clients – but I have since left that agency and they still have “Search Engine Optimization” as one of their services. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is not possible they have found someone else who may be able to work as efficiently as I did or even better (which I terribly doubt)… Well actually, I AM saying that – Mathematically speaking, if we tested the “other agencies” while I worked there and discovered they are not that great, said company will not be able to deliver the same quality of service that got them their own rankings – case in point. A client that goes there for said service will be effectively filling a straw basket with water.


You Need Your Competition

Believe it or not your competition is a gift to you, the guys outdoing you are basically just handing you a map saying, “this is everything we are doing right and everything we are doing wrong so that you can take advantage of this information in your marketing”.

It takes very excellent knowledge of the competition AKA a dead on awesome competitive research for you to out do your competition. The guys at number 1 when you start out should be your inspiration! – Until they are no longer number 1 and you are!

Again, a proper SEO manager will know how to use competitive research to your advantage, how to get you the right links and not over optimize. The right amount of do follow vs no follow. And most importantly – why the guy at number 1 is there to begin with.

You Need Patience

This bit is the most common problem we encounter, Clients expecting black magic… (and black magic is just a singer ooo… Wahala repete). You cant invest in SEO for 30 days and expect magic! It simply does not work this way… You have to understand “Surulere” is not just another song – it is actually a real life phenomenon. In SEO, If it appears to be too good to be true and works like magic, it probably is. Meaning it will definitely not last and here is the worst part – you run the risk of damaging you search reputation forEVER!

Deeper Than Deep!

Good SEO goes beyond the things you see, I have met many SEO’s recently who apparently think image optimization and adding keywords all over the page is how you do on-page optimization… No knowledge of canonical URL’s, error codes and redirects. Not even basic .htaccess knowledge or how to create a proper sitemap. Proper optimization for your business goes beyond all the basic jargon they will try to sell you on when you are hiring for SEO.

You must know an agencies first and foremost goal is taking your money – So before you give it to them make sure you ask all the questions in the world. And if you are not satisfied with the answers take your business elsewhere until someone answers your questions the right way!

In Summary!

I will be giving out a free SEO audit to the first 10 websites who use the contact form below to request one. Absolutely free! Fastest fingers, enjoy!

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Advanced Guide Coming Soon!

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