Why I am moving my knowledgebase to Kaganate in 2016


Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri


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Why I am moving my knowledgebase to Kaganate in 2016

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Hi guys, it’s been a fantastic year wouldn’t you agree? Lots of work, travel and fun! I for one learnt a lot in 2015 so it was definitely a great year — I feel like the things I have learnt in the last 11 months are a lot more valuable than everything I learnt in the 22 years before that.

To The Point

I have a new project launching in 2016 — — it is intended to be a social network for marketers, digital and affiliate marketers alike! A community of sorts where everyone can learn, share ideas and keep in touch! It is also free to join and use — for the most part — There will be some “pay to access” content and I intend to sell branded franchise there as well!


The Kaganate

We are going to change everything! Together!

What I am most excited about is the fact that this new community I am building is going to focus mainly on helping people — “willing to put in the work” — grow their passive income. This is the entire focus!

Many people know I started out on a journey to play my part in reducing unemployment in Nigeria this year with Joblanda. I feel like there is only so much you can do there, even though Joblanda is growing really big really fast I felt like I needed to do more and focus less on Nigeria and start focusing more on a very broad audience. Not everyone can handle a white collar job! — It’s not laziness, it’s just not for everyone — Some people are never going to be qualified for the jobs that can give them the lives they desire — others are simply better off working with their own hands and working for themselves.

This is why the Kaganate will soon be born. Yes, there will be paid memberships and restricted content but nothing so exorbitant that a person gives up before even starting out on this journey. Although, I am still yet to decide what the billing model and cycles will look like, I do intend to have some of the biggest affiliate marketers/Content marketers that I know impact some knowledge on the general public via this medium! We will have webinars and podcasts — Downloadable ebooks and actionable materials that are free and others paid!

The Kaganate will teach you how to make your millions online and you will learn from the grass roots — everything from how to start your first blog and write your first blog post, where and how to buy quality traffic and how to select a profitable niche… all the way to the depths of technical SEO, and how you can rank your content with nothing but social signals and internal linking! The goal of the Kaganate is to help already struggling bloggers, writers and marketers monetize so they do not add to the unemployed populace in whatever country they are — as well as the newbies who know absolutely nothing about internet marketing.

Development will be done by me exclusively and I do intend to moderate heavily! To keep the systemic spammers and shady people away… of course!



Why am I doing this at all? Well, like I said earlier — the knowledge I have managed to collect in the last year has been of more use to me than everything else I learnt in the years before — and the most heart breaking thing I noticed on that journey is how unwilling most “experts” are to share or teach. Right until you also begin to notice how much trashy advice you get out there! It has become increasingly easy to get lost in the noise and lose your way as a newbie and even easier to completely give up as a hardworking blog owner who isn’t seeing much success!
I visit places like bloggers lab and see people who are almost twice my age still looking for methods to get a dotcom domain for free! In 2015, this is incredible disheartening to see — mostly because 5 dollars is just about 1000 naira (maybe a little bit more considering the current state of the naira).
My point is — the professional marketer who is making millions already would rather read this and laugh as opposed to helping people like that by telling them how to increase their adsense income and move away from blogspot or whatever. — real life —

The kaganate will change all that as I and a few other professionals will always be dolling out free wisdom… And paid wisdom in some cases.

(We have to make income one way or another!)

This blog here will essentially become my log book for progress I make on the Kaganate project and sharing personal thoughts. My aim is to teach — I do not claim to know everything but I do know enough to help the average business become successful online fairly quickly.

The Kaganate project will launch on the first of January 2016 at and it will be owned by Qlimb Group! I will work there full time as the communities chief moderator and I will lose whatever little time I have left to socialize. In many ways I am looking forward to 2016 — the workload ahead and the achievements that will come with!
If I do manage to make this community catch on like I know I will — it will be my second very very successful website in less than 10 months! Joblanda being the first. Of which — we will all be rich — I intend to not only replicate but multiply that success till infinity for one singular reason! The Kaganate will not be exclusive to Nigerians! It will have “international exposure”. (Forgive my twitter lingo)

This marks the end of my twitter fingers — maybe.

Thanks a lot to everyone for the love, the lessons and the knowledge! I have learnt something amazing from every single person I had the priviledge of meeting this year!

To Leye Makanjuola at Intense — Thanks for teaching me the business of money!

To Ola Olajide at Jobseeker — Thanks for always inspiring me to want more and do better!

Kombo — Opemipo — Adebola — Thanks for being my best friends. We will all be rich!

Thanks to everyone who also never met or knew me but had terrible things to say about me — the unreasonable clients who wanted heaven and tried to pay peanuts. Your reward is in heaven!

Ilekun asi — We will all be rich.


Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri

Search Engine Optimization expert, digital marketing & product design. In the mood to quit everything and become a young handsome billionaire.

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