Update 1: Happy New Year! See You in 30 days

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Update 1: Happy New Year! See You in 30 days


If you are yet to read about the Kaganate you should go here and read my last blog post! 

Same with all things a Kagane must face, atimes you try to take a new territory and you are faced with massive resistance. Do you give up? No! It’s like the ever inspiring DJ Khaled will say — “Another one!!!” — They don’t want us to take this territory, but you know what we are gonna do? We are gonna take it!

Originally scheduled to launch today January 1st 2016, I have had to delay delievery of version 1.0 of by a whooping 4 weeks. Why? Many reasons, but it is so close now it will be unwise not to wait for what we have coming. I have been talking alot with partners, friends and supporters and we are definitely going to wow you! Just not today!

What to expect in 30 days

You will be delivered a fully functional version of the Kaganate in all it’s beauty and awesomeness. For this reason every initial user will get a free 1 week trial with full access to all areas and aspects of the Kaganate!
Worry not! All resistance will be dealt with and conquered, all legions will be submitted to the Kagane and we will begin this amazing journey on the pathway to more success — together!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding! I know you can’t wait for this journey! I can’t either — but I would rather deliver you a product that moves mountains than just be average! I want you to see this, drop your mouse and clap your hands! No kidding. I fully intend for you to do the milo clap when the Kaganate finally launches!


Wait for us. We are almost here! Wait for the Kaganate! Wait for the Kagane!

Kaganate Delay

The Kaganate is Coming!

Maybe delayed! But on its way!


Ifemidayo LayGiri

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