Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing in Nigeria

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Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing in Nigeria


This is one topic I have avoided for a very long time, not because I don’t know how to answer the giant question of which is better for your business but because well… it is impossible to suggest the same thing to any two people.

Let me explain, Digital marketing is usually quite straight forward and every business usually needs some form of digital marketing or the other but this does not necessarily have to mean your business couldn’t use a few traditional marketing efforts — depending on the kind of business it is…

Merits & Demerits

Traditional marketing has quite a number of merits and demerits in this new digital age… For example, if your audience is predominantly young and computer literate it is probably more cost effective to try reaching them with social media like Facebook & Twitter and maybe even Search Engine Optimization. This however is not to say there are no young people watching T.V or listening to the radio — If you owned a sport betting website like Nairabet and you bought TV advert spaces during the Super Sport English premier league soccer commercial breaks that may be considered excellent use of traditional marketing.

A strategy like above mentioned coupled with proper digital marketing, making sure all the interested parties who do search for your business after their football games are able to find it easily and use your application or website very easily is a sure fire success strategy.

So in essence you see that traditional is not going anywhere anytime soon, business owners shouldn’t be looking to eliminate traditional marketing completely — instead they should be looking for ways to integrate seamlessly!

Let's live together! Make love (not war!!!)...

Truth is, traditional marketing can be ridiculously expensive as opposed to digital marketing which can be done for you by yourself for all intents and purposes.

Cost Effectiveness

Both digital and traditional marketing can either be cost effective or otherwise, if you do not do it right in both cases you will be wasting a significant amount of money. It takes doing proper research and figuring out what each strategy can amount to for you to get good value for whatever investment you might be making.

It is advisable to always have a cost projection and measurable expectations when doing either kinds of marketing– granted it is actually a lot easier to quantify and project with digital as opposed to traditional but still… measurable expectations!

If you absolutely had to optimize your marketing for the best results, it is usually wise to consider what every option on the table can do for you. Consider my Nairabet example above, if after paying millions for TV and radio ad spaces, people Google search “Nairabet” and the first website that comes up is a competitors website — Bet365, and Nairabet has no twitter handle or Facebook page and they can’t be found online… You see there is a clear problem here.


Which brings us to the very obvious conclusion:

Traditional while gradually aging is still quite important. It is however not going to stand on its own anymore!
Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Traditional Vs. Digital

It’s never as simple as picking one over the other


If you had to be absolutely frugal about it I would say a good digital marketing strategy can and will stand on its own but a traditional marketing campaign will no longer cut it by itself in the world we live in now. There will always be that need for a digital element!

Traditional marketing is like grandma! She is awesome, she used to be a super hero — but at a certain age, she begins to need the extra support to get from point A to B. Until she needs a wheelchair and then she needs 24/7 care.

The time will come when all TV channels will need to be live streamed for anyone to watch or care. Just look what happened with the newspaper industry and blogs today. I’m sure when someone pointed out that newspapers will become obsolete a lot of newspaper editors and owners laughed it off. Unfortunately the internet is nothing like electric cars. You can’t bribe government officials and stop it from growing! It is the internet… get with the program or get left behind!

In conclusion, if you choose to engage a few traditional marketing channels for your business, always make sure you have digital on lock. Digital will stand on its own but traditional will not — not anymore. Welcome to the digital age my friends.

Till next time.


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