Spam & SEO: Nigerian SEO’s are using spam to hack searcher intent


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Ifemidayo LayGiri


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Spam & SEO: Nigerian SEO’s are using spam to hack searcher intent

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I have been up to something… Working really hard with my partner Victor on Kaganate (Not as hard as we should but we are growing into it… You hear that Vic? GROW INTO IT BRO), devising new methods to better put out Job Vacancies on Joblanda and most recently helping Victor launch his own niche site at

This mostly explains why I haven’t been writing much personally and otherwise — But I have been learning a lot… About Spam & SEO and how it all relates to the average Nigerian SEO manager/Agency.

Needless to say — the fact that some spam techniques still manage to get past Google has somehow become license to employ these techniques alongside a very cocky domain name and call your firm “group of SEO experts”.

I am not naming names but I will be naming link profiles… Just so we are completely clear. If you searched “SEO in Nigeria” one of the top 3 websites you will see has the link profile displayed below:


See them, see them

I am hitching to continue with that M.I. Abaga line.


Such an amaze

Much wondafuuu

Sex, drugs and porn links to get a quick boost and rank on page one… It works right now but for how long. This is a legitimate problem for the average Nigerian business you see — If a client needs SEO, searcher intent as far as I imagine would mean that the user might assume the highest ranked websites for the keyphrase “SEO in Nigeria” is probably the best company to hire… Quite unfortunate considering the fact that the better websites/agencies for the job are a little bit lower down on the page…(Judging based on link profiles) This is not whining. (I am completely aware this my personal blog here is on page one for that keyphrase and I will still not be building a single link with the intention of “manipulating” the SERP’s to get in the top 3) As I have always done, I like to earn my rankings because I find that they last longer that way.


Sounds unbelievable but YES!, I got on page 1 for the most difficult keyword in Nigeria without building a single link to that effect. What can I say, I serve a living God (I kid I kid… Jesus doesn’t really care much about my SEO. He busy dying for all y’all sins)
I digress — A huge problem has been created in the industry because of this you see, are the better agencies supposed to engage in spam just so they can get the leads that they deserve or are they to sweat it out and wait and pray and believe in Jesus that someday soon Google is going to take out all the spammers in the SERP’s? (Hint – that will most likely never happen). Can’t say I am particularly unimpressed by the “spammishness” on page 1 — I have always been the kind of guy who would advice you to do whatever it takes to get it done — Whatever IT is. But Spam — Do blood money if you must — Just don’t spam.

That said, you CAN win against spam by sticking to your white hat techniques — I will prove this just so other hardworking kids out there who need a break can understand doing the same thing over and over can produce different results. You don’t need SAPE, or 3000 blog comments or 700 wikis blasted over 2 weeks…



Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri

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