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Reducing Facebook Cost Per Click in Nigeria

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Reducing Facebook Cost Per Click in Nigeria


It’s like this – When you advertise on Facebook you have to keep in mind that essentially Facebook is also a business in many ways, they have employees and taxes and expenses and yada yada yada. So why should Facebook not make money off you too?

Of course Facebook will naturally optimize your ads to put more money in her own pocket as opposed to getting you more clicks or likes for cheaper. It’s just how nature works and stuff.

Today we are going to take a look at how I personally keep the Facebook Cost Per Click like wayyyy down so I get the most out of my money… or my clients money as the case may be.


If you have ever used Facebook advertising before you will know they allow you choose your own targeting expressly. It’s like how a digital marketing agency might want to target people who are interested in social media and web related topics to grow their Facebook page or how a Rock band in Lagos might want to target people of a specific age who like rock music inside Lagos and not Zamfara…. Basically, this helps you narrow it down to a science pretty much and you get what you pay for….

Except this is not the case at all...

In fact there are parts of the Facebook targeting feature you probably do not want to fiddle with at all.

Let me explain, asides picking out the appropriate targeting age for your business and choosing a general geographical location, the rest is bull. Well maybe not bull but it’s a lie in my experience. Three things I have discovered with entering a bunch of topics and hoping for the best with Facebook targeting:

1. It takes up your CPC et the amount you have to pay to Facebook eventually.

2. You are reaching a narrower audience and spending significantly more which in essence makes absolutely no sense does it?

3. The audience in the end might be deadbeat. Literally, they suck!


I am not exaggerating… Think about it – the goal of your ad is to maximize engagement so why are you paying Facebook more to show your ad less and hand you a deadbeat audience? Don’t Do It!

Cost Optimization

In the case of growing Facebook pages, you get an option to set “what a like is worth to you” and then according to Facebook that is how much you pay at most for each like you acquire… Lies!

Again from experience, depending on what the cost average for the industry of your advert is — The ad may either not run at all or bill you more regardless.

Here is what I mean: I own a job-listings board for example and the average CPC for a like is supposed to be around 0.04 USD or 8 naira per like basically. (I know the industry average because I did my research before running ads and so should you) If you set your bid to 0.04 on launching your ad, said ad will not run at all. Then each time you check to see what is wrong and why your ad is not running you see a message that looks something like this:

Bid 0.09 for a better chance of... bla bla bla!

You get it, Facebook in this instance is shaking you down for more money — “why you so stingy!”

What you need to do here is increase your bid by 0.01 every few hours until you see your ad is running then you can take it right back down later. If you take it up to 0.05 it may or may not run, 0.06 and chances are it will run just fine at this point… You let it run for an hour or two and then you reduce to .05, make sure it’s still running after half a day and then you may experiment with reducing a little further… but never below the industry average.

Then there is the issue of prices running over the agreed amount with Facebook regardless – the problem here is simple. When you are growing page likes, you don’t want to spend more than 20 USD per day on each ad you create. In fact, it is more lucrative for you to create 5 ads spending 20 USD a day (if your budget is 100USD per day) than to run one ad with a hundred dollar budget. The rationale is usually something like this “Clearly you are rich so we are charging you more!” — “Don’t be stingy!”

Image & Presentation

This is the least technical bit of the lot and it is still so important. But before I begin, I should warn you — Don’t get sued from trying to do this or overdoing it.

It simple really, you want to get clicks to your website or promote a page for likes, Facebook asks you to upload an image or a set of images to work with. Which is great because it lets you brand your ad just about right… except using your very cool logo that no one knows or cares about is not the best idea… True story!

It’s Facebook, people are interested in stuff they can relate to, not only in Nigeria in fact! So give them a photo they can relate to, a popular face or a pretty face or whatever. Nothing wrong with putting your logo next to a really beautiful models photo that you bought off a stock photo library.

Think about it, you own a football blog and you want to target men of age 18 to 40 in Nigeria who like football or whatever, do you think those people would click an ad that has just your logo or an ad of a popular Nigerian like Genevieve Nnaji holding up a soccer ball with a whistle in her mouth?

Hey, I am not saying I condone using a photo of Genevieve without her permission or paying her royalties, I am just saying if I was into Football I would very much click that ad and go through your page and then like it if the content is nice. Hey, maybe I’d simply click “like” right next to her photo and not bother to check your page.

It’s up to you really, pay for stock photos or growth hack – that is entirely your business. But DO NOT allow Facebook or any digital agency charge you through the roof for likes that you can obtain by yourself.


Ifemidayo LayGiri

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