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New Website Checklist – For When You Create A Website

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New Website Checklist – For When You Create A Website


Regardless of the goal or the kind of website, there are a few things you must do to hit the ground running. Although sometimes, not everything on the list applies to every kind of website but for the most part you want to do these things if you want a new website indexed really quickly and found online.

Titles & Meta Descriptions

The most important thing here really, a visitor needs to be able to tell what your site/page is about from the title and search description. It needs to be detailed and not overstated… there is a clear difference here. Personally I usually keep the title between 40 & 70 characters and the description is never more than 159 characters, this is what works for me.

find what works for you.

You should also keep in mind this process is not for just the homepage, yes the homepage is the most important and you should attack that first but the internal pages are just as important. If you are using a well known CMS like WordPress or blogger for example you get great free plugins that help you do this faster but otherwise you are stuck doing this manually for more dynamic sites. There may be a few plugins to help reduce the work load on codecanyon. Visit there sometime, I purchase a whole lot from there. (I recommend)

Analytics & Webmasters

After you have done the most important on page bit, you need a way to tell how many people are viewing your content, what pages or sections they are viewing and how they are finding said content. For example, if lots of people are viewing your pricing plans page but no one is actually purchasing your product or service, this may tell you a few things depending on the bounce rate of that page and whether the users stick around the site afterwards.

Point is, you need a way to tell what the visitors are doing, where they are doing it, why they are doing it and for how long. There is literally no better application for this than Google’s own Analytics.

My analytics tracking code looks something like this:

Again, depending on how dynamic the kind of website you have is, you may have to include this code manually in a repetitive section of your website like the header or the footer code area. Again, CMS platforms like WordPress will mostly have some kind of integration ready for you to use to serve this code.

Google Webmaster Tools serves a different purpose than analytics but its basically just another monitoring spirit you know, it helps you figure out what keywords you are ranking for and what links are pointing to your website and how often your site is crawled and what pages have errors and your positions in the SERP’s plus improvements and declines.

Basically you need the two. If you hate Google and think they are the Anti-Christ you may want to consider other methods of traffic analysis and stuff but trust no one does it like Google.



You want to create a sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools or GWT for short. In my case, because I am running on CMS even though this website is built with Grunt & SASS I have used a plugin by Anne Bracchold to put my Sitemap HERE. Took less than 15 seconds to setup but if you again fall in the category of people who need to do this manually because static website and no plugin library just Google search “sitemap generator” enter your website url and generate and download one then upload to your root directory via FTP or Cpanel. Whatever works for you.

Remember to submit your sitemap url to GWT after creating one

Faster indexing and what not… You are welcome.

Get Feedback

As hard as this might be to believe, you are not perfect, neither am I. So we make very little, tiny silly mistakes atimes. A typo here, wrong formatting there – et absolute gbagaun over there. It’s just human nature. So get other people to look over your finished work before you call it a day. Be open to constructive criticism. Maybe the colors are off putting and they belong to an Ogbanje group your mum knows and she doesn’t want you to use them – she has her reasons. Maybe not every one knows to hover over the menu Icon to see my menu items on this blog, who knows. Maybe I was wrong to move navigation on mobile to the bottom of the blog post pages as opposed to the top. The point here is when the majority begin to complain about the same set of things then you should look into fixing up.

So far nothing but great feedback & reviews here

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section below and I will surely get back to you ASAP.

Till next time.


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