How Long Before You Can Monetize Your New Blog?


Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri


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How Long Before You Can Monetize Your New Blog?

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A reader asked me this question yesterday and I kept wondering to myself, on a more serious note… How long? Till I realized this question is all wrong, It’s not that much of a “how long” question but “when”.

Let me explain, I could have monetized this blog here from the second it went up but that wouldn’t be right would it? Why am I starting a new blog and the first thing on my mind is the money… So I am going to rephrase the question and then do my best to answer it appropriately.

What is the right time to monetize my blog and how do I make sure my blog is "monetizable"?  (That's not an actual word but you get where I am going with this...)

For the purpose of this blog post I would just assume this reader is referring to getting Google Adsense for his blog, I see no reason why he should be asking about anything else. So let’s get into it…

Preparing your blog

This part is almost all that matters, here’s why — a blog that looks to actually help people and provide solutions to a real problem or set of problems is what Google wants. From my experience, scrapper content sites who post things you can find everywhere else on the internet usually have to cut corners by buying Adsense accounts and what not. Not because their content is total crap (actually a factor too) but mostly because they have nothing new or unique to offer. So preparing your blog and not making the mistake many have made in the past is the best way to make sure monetizing is not an issue… I am going to list a few steps that will help you get that Adsense account with no hassle right below:

  • Quality Content

This sounds cliche but quality content is the answer 90 percent of the time, If you have 10 articles of over 1500 words that really address an issue or solve a problem, even if they are just personal thoughts — so long as these articles are genuine and original, not stolen or copied — then you have a better chance at getting that Adsense account.

  • UX & UI

User experience and user interface… Yup! that matters too. Google has very realistic guidelines for what is a good website and what is not. And to be honest I agree with Google (not like I have a choice). Asking you to have proper navigation and decent site speed is really not too much to ask. Making sure your users can actually enjoy using your website on desktop and mobile devices is really just minimum requirement in my opinion.

  • Traffic

Well this part is a bit tricky, If I wanted to monetize and you were Google — you probably want to make sure I have a decent amount of return visitors at least. People who will actually see these ads and maybe click and buy some products right? So it’s the same way all around — Make sure you have some traffic before trying to monetize or Google will tell you point blank – “Oga you no get traffic – gerrout!”

The right time

So… now you are prepared and you have been blogging and doing all the right things like staying away from nudity and profanity and everything else on the Google Webmasters best practices. Good for you! Then you ask again, “When do I monetize this blog?” — Short answer, any time you feel like it.

And this is from experience, I have once applied for Adsense and it was up and running in 2 days... No re application, no rejection no nothing. Just applied, got it and served the ads. Finish.

Just goes to tell you, if you follow the rules Google has no reason to mess with you. There is a way things are setup to work and if you roll inside those boundaries you would do just fine. You also have to know though, Google reserves the right to change the rules at anytime so make sure you stay up to date and follow all the webmaster guidelines and check and recheck constantly.


Your alternatives

I had said I was focusing on Google Adsense as my monetization partner for this blog post but maybe it’s too late for your blog because you have too much nasty on there already and you want to monetize by force. Are you supposed to throw your audience away and start afresh? No, no — that’s not what you do.

You have 2 options, begin to follow the rules and stick to following the rules for a long time then reapply to monetize or consider other advertisers. The list of other advertisers with relaxed requirements are endless but not every one of them is right for you. You don’t want ads containing profanity and all sorts or do you? Below is a list of other advertisers I have used. Think of the list as a scale of preference. 1 being the best and the last being my least favorite.

1. Admarula

2. Prestads

3. Addynamo

All the others are a bit too obscure to name. There’s really no point — and there is a reason I am no longer using these advertisers. Think about that before you move your business away from Google.

To drive my point home, by the time you are reading this blog post, will be monetized. There will be an ad at the beginning of the blog post, one after the 9th paragraph and one at the end of the post.

I hope I have addressed the issues here, if not — I will continue on another blog post very soon. Thanks a lot for reading guys, the traffic stats since I launched 5 days ago have been nothing but a beauty to behold. Keep reading!



Ifemidayo LayGiri

Ifemidayo LayGiri

Search Engine Optimization expert, digital marketing & product design. In the mood to quit everything and become a young handsome billionaire.

  • user

    AUTHOR Daniel

    Posted on 2:33 pm July 21, 2015.

    Hey Ifemidayo, great blog post! I’ll make sure to share it, so that more people can enjoy it 🙂
    You raise an important issue, of when to start monetizing a blog. I’m of the group that thinks that it’s never too early to start monetizing: if you want the resources to continue writing the blog on full-time basis, it’s good to start earning from day 1, if possible. It’s like any other business: of course, the first days (weeks, months) will bring more losses than revenues, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive. Have you ever seen a store that wishes not to sell in the first half a year?

    Of course, this shouldn’t compromise the quality of your content and you should always keep in mind your ethical mission as a blogger (to provide information rather than to sell it). But as you rightfully mentioned, thinking about monetizing from the vey beginning means you will keep producing high quality content.

    I’d add one more monetizing strategy to your list: Boost the News. It is a tool that enables brands to promote your branded content through online ads. For every ad published using your article, you as a blogger get commissions. Check it out 🙂

    • user

      AUTHOR Ifemidayo LayGiri

      Posted on 3:58 pm July 21, 2015.

      Thanks for your comment Daniel, I will definitely check out your tool. Hopefully I would like it enough to write about it.

  • user

    AUTHOR Victor Iweanya

    Posted on 5:24 pm July 21, 2015.

    Hello laygiri, i heard from someone that you must have a google for business account for speedier acceptance into the adsense program. how true is this?

    • user

      AUTHOR Ifemidayo LayGiri

      Posted on 5:35 pm July 21, 2015.

      I can neither confirm nor deny this… because 1. I personally do not own a Google for Business account neither do I intend to start owning one anytime in the near future and I got my Adsense account as well as a few clients accounts fairly easily. And 2. Google nor any other marketing expert I respect has never said any such thing so I personally do not buy into such things. But by all means, if it works for you do let me know.

  • user

    AUTHOR Victor Iweanya

    Posted on 8:36 pm July 22, 2015.

    How much traffic is required to get approved and also what are the procedures to gathering that momentum of traffic

    • user

      AUTHOR Ifemidayo LayGiri

      Posted on 11:20 pm July 22, 2015.

      Hello Victor, thanks a lot for your comment/question…

      This is a nearly unanswerable question to be sincere. I don’t believe I could possibly answer the question on “procedures to gathering that momentum of traffic” in a single comment — Hence the entire purpose of a digital marketing blog.

      When growing a business/blog/website there is no one size fits all theory, you must invest quality time coming up with a strategy that will best work for you and your business.

      As for how much traffic before approval, I do not have a particular number. Let’s just call it enough. Any amount of movement could be enough, or not.

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